Don’t bet with “heart”

Patriotism, liking and other affections for a player or team often end in a lot of tears. You so want and believe that your team will win that you forget to check the statistics, the strength of the competitor and other important things, but you still make a bet on your favorite team.

The bookies love it because they make good money from these hopeful and faith-filled fans who bet on their second-to-last team to beat the tournament leaders.

You should also avoid derbies, such as the aforementioned Barcelona – Real Madrid. There are many unknowns in these games, as both teams want to win at all costs, so the game can turn out to be completely unpredictable.

However, if you are betting on derbies, consider markets such as ‘over – under 2.5 goals’ or ‘both teams to score’.

Bet at the right time

Bet at the right time

It is difficult to tell when is the right time to bet because the odds are not fixed. The odds change for various reasons, for example, a player announces an illness, the weather forecast changes, etc.

For popular events, bookmakers sometimes offer an “odds increase”. Some offer it at a certain time of day, while others offer it all day long. In this way, bookmakers attract new customers who are not at all interested in sports events, but would gladly place a bet on, for example, the outcome of the presidential election.

Recently, many Latvian totalizators offer promotions related to the New York “Knicks” and Kristaps Porziņgis. Not for nothing, because many people follow his sporting (and not only) activities. Because of #KP6, many Latvians don’t even sleep at night!

Bet on less popular sports

Bet on less popular sports

Bookmakers are constantly looking for ways to attract and earn from more people, so they expand their offer with various less popular sports and other events.

This also means that they offer sports that they themselves don’t know as much about as they should. This fact can be well used by connoisseurs of the respective sport.