The casino resort industry consists of a number of companies that operate high profile businesses, they earn their money from casino, hotel, restaurant and related revenues. 

The revenue of the resort is generated from the numerous activities in the hotel like gambling or betting, golf, tennis, and other social services provided by the hotel. 

These activities are primarily for leisure and entertainment of the guest. They usually operate in areas where gambling is legalized, and use gambling to attract guests, and then extract as much money as possible from this audience.

Although online gambling on the National Casino website is fun and more convenient, you might want an exciting and luxurious game at a casino resort. Depending on your budget, you can make a fun vacation out of a simple gambling getaway. The next couple of lines contain the list of the most extravagant casino resorts in the world. 

The Venetian Macao, Macao

The first resort on our list is the Venetian Macao, it is the biggest casino on earth and the 6th largest structure in the world. The casino is located in Macau, which is known as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient” today, home to many of the largest casinos in the world. The complex has an incredible 550,000-square-foot gambling space, 3,000 slots and 750 table games, luxurious all-suite guest rooms, numerous restaurants featuring cuisine and delicacies from around the world, a play garden,swimming pools and other recreational facilities.

Wynn Macau, Macau

Wynn Macau is a massive resort located on Macau’s waterfront, with over 100,000 square feet of gaming space and more than 500 table games and 840 slots alongside more than 1,000 ultra-luxurious rooms. It has a shopping complex featuring some of the most expensive labels on the market, including Giorgio Armani, Ferrari, Christian Dior and Chanel that’s bound to keep you busy if you’re into shopping. Wynn Macau has restaurants and a world-class spa facility.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Caesars Palace located in Vegas is one of its trademark names, it was opened nearly a half-century ago, and has become a luxury icon. The Caesars palace contains chic and luxurious guest rooms and suites, with 166,000 square feet of gaming space, and a spa that features Roman baths in a pool surrounded by elaborate mosaics and classical architecture that imitates Ancient Rome style.

Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

The sun city resort was opened in 1979, located in the bush about 2 hours from Johannesburg in South Africa’s North West province. It ranks as one of the top casino resorts in the world, with multiple hotels, over 850 slot machines and nearly 40 gaming tables. The resort also has its own private game reserve, allowing guests to go on safari in the resort.


Casinos have always had an aura of luxury and glamour surrounding them for many years, and they just keep getting better and better with time. For your next holiday, vacation, or trip, pick any of the luxury casino resorts above to visit.