Many people are attracted by the fact that it is possible to make money from their home, sitting in front of their computer or mobile phone. Barring telemarketing and other silly activities like sending e-mails to strangers asking for money, many have considered using gambling to earn extra money.

For many years online casinos have been able to convert every bonus received into money in your bank account. But then the casino owners realized that this way their business does not get new and adventurous players, but a hole in their profits. Once received casino bonuses could be traded in roulette and blackjack, where the turnover of money is relatively safe and could be done with very little loss or for a small profit. Nowadays, everything is different and turning casino bonuses into money is no longer so easy.

Popularly, this activity – converting casino (and also totalizator) bonuses into money is called bonus hunting. At this time, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of each bonus, before using it, whether it is worth using it or not. So let’s start with the basics:

Can casino bonuses be paid out to my account?

casino bonuses be paid out

This is perhaps the most important question when it comes to casino bonuses. Accept the 100% or 200% bonus offered by the casino? Many online casinos have rules that the deposited money must be rolled over once before the bonus money awarded can be used. Many casinos have different rules.

But in all casinos there is one common rule – all your funds, both your deposit and the deposited amount, will be frozen (you will not be able to withdraw it) until a specific turnover is made, which is usually 20-40 times the amount of the deposit + bonus or only the bonus amount , depending on the rules at each casino. For example, if you deposit 50 euros in the casino and receive another 50 euros bonus and the necessary turnover before you can request a withdrawal is 40 times, then you will have to turnover (50+50)*40=4000 euros. This is just an example, not all casinos will have 40x wagering requirements, others may have 20x.

Bonuses in which no deposit is required, i.e. no deposit bonuses

no deposit bonuses

Most casinos only offer one choice when it comes to no deposit bonuses. Usually, these bonuses have a limited maximum winning amount, a required turnover for the money to be withdrawn, a limited range of games that can be used, etc. Here are some tips on how to use no deposit casino bonuses:

Maximum payout – Often deposit casino bonuses will have a set maximum payout amount. You will not be able to withdraw more than this specified amount, no matter how big your winnings are. When choosing casino bonuses that do not require a deposit, you should pay attention to this number. If this number is less than 5 times of the received bonus, then it is probably not worth wasting your time to turn this bonus into money.

Bonus size – The bigger the bonus size, the bigger the maximum possible payout.

Turnover conditions – As we mentioned earlier, the turnover conditions are the necessary cash turnover before you can withdraw money to your account. The lower the turnover conditions, the greater the chance that you will earn money from this bonus.