The game of roulette is still in every casino and casino owners are still making money off players who think they can beat the roulette wheel. This is simply not possible, no matter what formula system or strategy you use. The only way you can win at roulette is by luck or by stealing chips!

Although the casino’s odds of winning will always be higher than yours, there are better and worse ways to play roulette in a casino. It has been heard that some people with very clever heads have come up with ways to beat the roulette wheel with various computational methods. Note that these methods were only applied in real casinos, not in online casinos where it was possible to watch both wheel and ball characteristics. This option is not available in online casinos because everything happens electronically.

We will give you the 7 best tips on how to play this ancient game:

Roulette tip no. 1. Play roulette games with 1 zero.

By playing roulette games with only one zero, you will reduce the casino’s odds of winning. If in games with two zeros the advantage of the casino is 5.26%, then with one zero it is only 2.70%, which significantly increases your chances of winning.

Sometimes roulette games with one zero will have a higher minimum bet limit than with two zeros. In this case, you could still choose to play roulette with two zeroes.

Roulette tip no. 2. Play with money you can afford to lose.

Roulette tip

When playing any gambling game, you should only use money that is specifically set aside for that purpose. Never gamble with funds you cannot afford to lose!

Create a special bank account for gambling and other entertainment. When going to the casino, take only your bank card, which is intended for entertainment. In this way, you will protect your funds intended for other purposes from being lost in the casino. But you also have to pay bills and eat!

Roulette tip no. 3. The game of roulette is fun!

Think of this casino game as a form of entertainment, not a source of money. Play it to have a good time.

Roulette tip no. 4. Don’t be sad if you didn’t make a bet on the number that just came up.

Imagine, you bet all the time on the number 8. And it never came up. It wasn’t even close! It’s like an invisible guard has been put on it! That’s why you stopped betting on this number. And! On the next spin, the ball landed on which number? Of course 8! It wasn’t magic, just your bad luck.

Don’t worry too much about it. Roulette is the purest game of chance and is completely random. Faith or the finger of god will not help in this game! Any number can appear on any spin of the roulette wheel. The ball can’t hear your thoughts and can’t see your bets!

Roulette tip no. 5. Play within your means.

Imagine, the player at the next table bets 1000 euros on each spin of the roulette wheel. He has bet tonight in amounts that you do not earn in a year.

So what? You should not be impressed by this person who has much greater means available. Bet according to your available funds. The casino owners must be happy to see someone make such big bets because they know they will make good money tonight!

Continue to stick to your entertainment account, which should not exceed 10% of your monthly income, and place bets according to your available funds.

Roulette tip no. 6. You play at “predictable tables” if you can.

predictable tables

All roulette players should know this fact. Some roulette tables are more predictable than others. On them, some numbers or a specific number appear more often than others. To notice this fact, you would have to spend quite a long time at this roulette wheel, while it will be spun even thousands of times.

It is difficult to say whether such a possibility still exists, but there have been such events in the past. Several casinos have been thoroughly cleaned due to roulette players who had found a “predictable roulette wheel”. Today, both roulette wheels, also in ordinary casinos, are connected to a computer and are perfectly balanced so that such cases are not possible.

But you can pretend that you have found a predictable table by looking at the history of roulette wheel spins. If a number has recently come up twice in a row, then you can assume that this is the lucky number and bet only on it.

Roulette tip no. 7. You leave the roulette wheel every now and then.

The more you play, the better the casino, the less you play, the better for you. All casino players should know this. Therefore, by exiting the game every now and then, you will reduce the casino’s advantage over your available funds.

If at the moment when you have decided to quit for a while, the number on which you placed your bets comes up, remember that roulette is a game of chance and it did not happen just because you quit.