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Perfect mattresses for orthopedic patients

Two of the most famous mattresses for orthopedic patients are memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses. If you are looking for a mattress that solve your queries for all joint pains, then read this article till the end. Waking up with joint pains, back pains, shoulder pains and spinal problems can ruin your morning. While some sleep related problems are because of the sleeping disorder the others can be caused due to your wrong choice of the mattress.

Both memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses have claimed to solve problems for orthopedic patients though memory foam mattresses have claims to be more comfortable than an innerspring mattress. In many cases people prefer buying a memory foam mattress over innerspring mattresses. This article contains all the necessary information about both the mattresses and will help you to choose the right one. Memory foam mattresses are made from viscos-elastic material and support the lower back of your body. They were originally made by NASA and are very comfortable to sleep on. Both innerspring mattress and memory foam mattresses are no where near cheap category. Though, you will find that innerspring mattress is a little cheaper than memory foam mattress. Choosing the right firmness of the mattress is equally important. Tempurpedic mattresses were introduced after memory foam mattress. People were craving to have a mattress that can be exclusively used by orthopedic patients.

 Memory foam mattress has all the features and standards that an orthopedic mattress should have. No doubt there are no fixed standards of an orthopedic mattress, but memory foam mattress can be used by orthopedic mattress. Memory foam mattresses were designed to keep the spine of the astronauts erect. Your body will conform to the surface of the foam mattress and you will not sink in. When you get up from the mattress, it will take its original form back. Memory foam mattresses have closed cells that don’t let air to pass through the mattress such that you will feel great and sweaty when you sleep on the mattress. Memory foam mattress are not cheap to buy, you must spend a hefty sum of money to buy a memory foam mattress. Innerspring mattresses are made if coiled springs that provided support to the sleeper. Innerspring mattresses are of two types open celled spring matters and pocket spring mattress. It is advisable that you buy a pocket spring mattress as it will support different parts of your body, whereas an open celled spring mattress will only provide support to few parts of your body. Open celled mattresses are way less cheap than pocket spring mattress. Mattresses will be with you for a long time and provides comfort to you, so it is important that you buy the right one within your pocket. For that you cannot trust the words if any person, you must test them physically. You go into the store; you lie on the mattress and test its firmness.